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by charlotte kirkegaard, master of laws

DEI is the greatest change potential

of the future

DEI can and will change the way we think about leadership, organizations and people.

This places new demands on all three parts, and the potential is almost endless. DEI is basically about changing both our own beliefs, prejudices and perspectives on the world and becoming infinitely better at listening to others - to the different - in a joint effort to create new and better solutions.

Challenging one's own habitual thinking can be experienced as a loss of control. But as Søren Kierkegaard said: "To dare is to lose your footing for a short while. Not to dare is to lose yourself"

To be mirrored in the different takes courage. Taking leadership to bring about these changes in the leadership team and in the organization as a whole requires even more courage.

But there is a safe way forward.

The best remedy for the experience of losing control is to ensure relevant knowledge and have a clear purpose. When heading for new waters, it is important to keep track of the underwater cuts, current conditions and stormy weather on the way.

Before embarking on such a journey, you can therefore make sure to gather all the relevant knowledge that is possible to obtain in advance. This will mean that you know exactly where you start and what problems need to be solved in order to meet the goal of the trip, which is to open yourself and your organization to new opportunities, new solutions and not least new goals.


DEI for change can ensure you the necessary knowledge and thus help you set realistic and ambitious goals that are based on your real situation and with a clear focus on the future. You can also get help and support for the journey itself - for the strategy, for the action plan and not least the implementation.

Good leadership is solving more problems than you create, and navigating a world as changeable as ours seems to require new eyes, new perspectives and, not least, new solutions.

DEI opens up a world of new possibilities.

Charlotte Kirkegaard, Master of Laws

Owner and founder of DEI for change

The three main levels of change


Top management must both work its own management rooms, as well as take responsibility for the entire organization and employees. In addition, DEI must be included in the actual thinking of the business/core service.

It requires knowledge, clear vision, concrete goals and an effective strategy.

DEI for change offers advice, courses for top management, preparation of knowledge base with concrete recommendations, support in the formulation of vision and goals and development of an effective strategy.


The organization must be transformed and modernized. It is possible to bypass some consequences of unconscious bias and blind spots by introducing new and inclusive structures.

This requires knowledge, policy development and an action plan with a focus on both structure and culture.

DEI for change offers advice, preparation of knowledge base with concrete recommendations, support and help with the preparation of policy and action plan with built-in monitoring.


Employees and managers must be equipped to navigate a diverse and inclusive culture with a focus on equity and inclusion.

It requires knowledge, the introduction of a new inclusive and responsive culture underpinned by a strong structure.

DEI for change offers advice, presentations and workshops for managers and employees focusing on DEI in practice and how to really support and create an inclusive culture.

New law on gender and management

New legislation on gender and governance came into force on 1 January 2023, and the rules cover both the private and public sectors.

The legislation aims to get more women into top management, and the goal is a 40-60 split at the top three management levels.

Target figures must be set for the three top management levels; i.e. the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the level just below the Executive Board with personnel responsibility.

The target figures must be indicated with a time frame, and when the target is reached, new target figures must be set until a minimum of 40 percent of the underrepresented gender has been achieved. If you do not reach your target figures within the specified timeframe, you must explain yourself.

In addition, an action-oriented policy must be developed to ensure more women in management at the other levels of management.

It all has to be reported and the results will be published on a specially created website.

DEI for change can help you generate the necessary knowledge and provide professional help to prepare target figures, strategy and policy that can ensure that you reach your goals within the timeframe and that you comply with legislation going forward.

Charlotte Kirkegaard,

DEI for change, drafted the

qualitative part of the research

for the Danish Business Authority, as the

Previous legislation in this area

was evaluated.

The report is based on interviews

with 16 Danish top managers,

and can be read her:

Køn og ledelse i toppen

af dansk erhvervsliv

New EU directive

A new EU directive sets requirements for companies' recruitment processes for top management.

In the future, transparent qualification requirements and processes will be required. The goal is at least 40 percent women in top management.

DEI for change can help you develop and implement new processes and adapt them to your own structures, making the transition both easy and precise, while complying with the new regulations.



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Charlotte Kirkegaard

Charlotte Kirkegaard is a trained lawyer with further education in management, communication, philosophy and organizational theory.

Since 2004, she has worked professionally with management, DEI, organization, gender and equality as a researcher and independent consultant - both nationally and internationally.

Charlotte Kirkegaard. Foto: Storm Ravn

"It's a very serious,

well researched and well written book. There is a strong need for a book like this."

Professor Steen Hildebrandt


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