DEI for change

DEI for change


DEI for change leverer


Oral presentation on the new legislation on gender and management of 1-2 hours duration.

Course for top management

Sharp online course for top management who, based on their own organization, learn to work strategically with DEI.

Knowledge base I - Vision, strategy and goals

An in-depth knowledge base that will give the top management an overview from a helicopter perspective, which will give the opportunity to prepare a strategy and set overall concrete goals on a knowledge-based basis.

Knowledge base II - Policy and action plan

An in-depth knowledge base based on qualitative and quantitative research of the entire organization with a focus on developing an effective and targeted policy and action plan.

For further information please contact

DEI for change


for change

Hindegade 6

1303 KĂžbenhavn K


+45 61 69 59 90

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