DEI for change

DEI for change

Course for top management

Professionalize the Board of Directors and Executive Management within strategic DEI

From 1 January, boards of directors and executive management are obliged to work goal- and result-oriented to get more women into top management.

The legislation applies to both the private and public spheres.

It is possible to expand the strategic work with DEI in relation to other things than gender. A thorough modernization will also make room for minorities and ensure a broader form of diversity, as well as give a boost to both equality and inclusion.

DEI for change offers a course for top management that will enable you to work strategically with DEI on a broader level, and will also enable you to set the direction for the rest of the organization.

The course consists of four modules, where you work focused on your specific challenges based on your own organization. Each module is an intensive training of 30-45 min. duration and takes place online.

Between modules, DEI for change collects relevant and accessible information from your organization so that they can be included in the work on the next module.

Times and intervals are organised to fit into the work rhythm of the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Management.

The course can be included as part of the usual meeting schedule or laid out separately.

After each module, the recipients will receive a written review of the content from today's module and an overview of which themes to work on in the next module.

Each module will thus contain a tailor-made presentation that will be based on knowledge from your organization, as well as the latest international research.

The course will

  • Enable top management to understand the overall lines of both legislation and think strategically in relation to incorporating DEI into both strategy and daily work.

  • Make senior management realize and understand the potential and new opportunities for the entire organization.

  • Equip the entire top management to act concretely.

  • Give the overall top management new knowledge and a common language to work from.

  • Ensure that top management can continue the work after the end of the course.

  • Ensure that top management can comply with legislation and create the necessary results.


Module 1. Review of the new legislation. Target figures, policy, reporting, benchmarking.

A precise and legal review of the new legislation as well as an overview where top management must strengthen their own work to comply with the new rules.

Module 2. Top management's strategic perspectives based on their own space, business/core task and the organization as a whole.

The three themes will be reviewed based on the current situation of top management and will give the entire top management an overview of new perspectives and opportunities.

Module 3. Concrete actions and implementation.

Based on the discussions and the new knowledge from Module 2, we will work on which concrete measures are possible, realistic and most appropriate for top management at this time. This will provide the overall framework for a future strategy.

Module 4. How does top management ensure long-term results?

Based on the three previous modules, a concrete strategy will be drawn up focusing on the long-term results, concrete objectives and ongoing monitoring.

Total price for the entire board: DKK 45,000, - excl. VAT.

The price includes online teaching, written course material and preparation between modules.

The course will be conducted by cand.jur. Charlotte Kirkegaard, DEI for change, who is both an expert in the field and has completed courses at a professional level for a number of years.

DEI for change delivers

Single module

It is possible to order just one module at a time.


It is possible to get advice and sparring between the modules both for the overall top management and for individual members.

Strategic paper

DEI for change can also offer strategic presentations within specific areas that will specifically strengthen the work within DEI for you. For example, the new maternity rules, management training of the management team, procedures in relation to the new rules on sexual harassment, etc.

Knowledge base

A knowledge base will enable top management to prepare the framework for statutory targets and policy in a thorough, systematic and effective manner.

Read more:

Knowledge Base I - Vision, Strategy and Goals

Knowledge Base II - Policy and Action Plan

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