DEI for change

DEI for change

Create "The business case"

The work to integrate DEI is often anchored in HR, and a large part of the work must also be carried out here.

But if you really want the entire business, the organization, the managers and the employees to play optimally together with a focus on DEI, then it is necessary for top management to be involved and play their role as overall management.

DEI for change can prepare the knowledge base, the strategic main points and the interesting measurable perspectives that HR can present to top management, so that they become genuinely interested and, not least, knowledgeable about the active role that they should and can play.

One thing is the focus on the new legal requirements, which are based on objectives for more women in top management, but there is huge potential in integrating the work to professionalise DEI throughout the organisation.

DEI for change delivers a report with analysis and recommendations based on data from your organization, industry and current situation.

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