DEI for change

DEI for change


The culture at a workplace is crucial for well-being, performance and professional development for both managers and employees.

In order to create a culture that is safe and inclusive, it is required that there is a high degree of awareness about DEI and a strong structure to support the healthy culture.

When you have to assess a culture, it will often require anonymous surveys to ensure that everyone dares to say how they really feel.

Particularly vulnerable people will often feel insecure by speaking out loud about their own experiences. We have experienced this around sexual harassment for many years, but other exclusion mechanisms can unfortunately have the same effect.

Something that needs to be looked at more closely is communication, including the use of dominance techniques and microaggressions.

DEI for change can help both in preparing studies that uncover the organisation's cultural challenges and in creating an action plan for change followed up by training and workshops.

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