DEI for change

DEI for change


Charlotte Kirkegaard has many years of experience in giving speeches, lectures, workshops and has spoken at both national and international conferences. She has also appeared as an expert on national TV.

Charlotte Kirkegaard likes to speak to both large and small gatherings, and she is passionate about her subjects, which means that she always burns through strongly.

All lectures can be adapted to special needs - possibly based on your own organization and specially acquired knowledge - for extra payment.

Keynote speak:

Global trends, DEI and sustainability

A focused and sharp journey through the currents of time with a focus on SDG 5, the necessity of diversity around the decision-making tables and the inclusion of new perspectives.

New and significant, more long-term forms of leadership must be demonstrated in order to meet the challenges of the time - and not least to solve them. This applies both nationally and globally.

Furthermore, I provide an explanation of why it is only possible to create sustainable results if we integrate gender equality and include minority perspectives into decision-making processes.

Target group: Anyone interested in future leadership.

Duration: 30-60 min. depending on the context. ( Danish / English )

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New legislation on gender and management

On 1 January 2023, we got new legislation on gender and management, which will strengthen the work to get more women into top management. Target figures must be set, policies drawn up, reports issued and there will be public benchmarking.

The legislation covers both the private and the public sector.

In the lecture, I will review the concrete rules, their consequences and give suggestions on how to comply with them.

Target groups: Boards, managements, HR and management groups.

Duration: 1-2 hours


This is how the board takes the lead and gets more women in management

The board's responsibility for these processes will be specified during this time and you will be guided through the basic process, which will enable you to work knowledge-based, targeted and efficient in creating the necessary results both for yourself as a board and for the rest of the organization.

Target group: Boards within all industries and sectors

Duration: 1-2 hours depending on need.


New EU rules regarding gender, management and pay

Get an overview of the new EU rules regarding management and pay and, not least, what requirements will be placed on private companies in the future in order to be able to honor the new requirements for transparency in both recruitment processes and salary calculation.

Target group: Boards, management boards, managers and HR

Duration: 1-2 hours as needed.


New rules on sexual harassment

Get to grips with the new legislation around sexual harassment and what it will mean in everyday workplaces. And not least how to implement it, so that you both comply with the rules and eradicate sexual harassment.

Target group: Boards, management boards, managers and HR

Duration: 1-2 hours as needed.


Sexism and sexual harassment

Get answers to how sexism and sexual harassment are connected in an organization and how to address and create the necessary changes.

Which themes should be looked at and how to develop the necessary structural and cultural change.

Target group: Boards, management boards, managers and HR

Duration: 1-2 hours as needed.


Equality, SDG and the conventions

What does equality in Denmark look like in the light of SDG 5 and the international conventions. There will be a special focus on the CEDAW Convention (UN Convention on Women) and the Istanbul Convention (Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women). Both will be set against world goal 5 and the sub-goals below, and the focus will be on how Denmark is actually doing.

Target group: Everyone with an interest in gender equality from an international perspective.

Duration: 1-2 hours after


DEI in projects and policies

Both municipalities and organizations implement a number of policies and projects where it is advantageous to ensure DEI and equality from the start.

Get a good start delivered and learn how to do it.

This will ensure both a better focus on target groups and quality.

Target groups: Politicians and project managers

Duration: 2 hours

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Mandag Morgen

Charlotte Kirkegaard

is a regular columnist in Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen.

You can read along by clicking on the link above. The articles are not behind paywall.

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