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The work of creating a real inclusive culture is both quite extensive and quite interesting.

You often have to work with two methods at the same time, where one part focuses on resistance and exclusion mechanisms and the other part on creating good frameworks and methods for real inclusion.

When you have to identify resistance, you look at the use of domination techniques, microaggressions, structurally and culturally embedded unconscious bias and general discrimination.

And when you have to create the right framework, you are actually already in the process of creating inclusion, as inclusion is basically about listening openly, integrating new perspectives and creating awareness around blind spots that can be both with individuals and embedded in the organization .

It is an ongoing process and not something that stops after a seminar or a workshop.

On the contrary, it is an important - and indispensable - tool in a modern learning organization.

DEI for change delivers both workshops, talks, qualitative and quantitative studies and advice in the field.

There are rarely two organizations that are exactly the same, and therefore DEI for change always works concretely and based on your current situation.

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is a regular columnist in Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen.

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