DEI for change

DEI for change

Knowledge base I - Vision, strategy and goals

A knowledge base in relation to vision, strategy and goals will give you a strong starting point for preparing both a long-term vision, realistic and ambitious goals as well as an effective strategy.

The knowledge base will be prepared based on a combination of data from your management and organization, relevant national and international research, current Danish legislation and industry knowledge.

It will be based on three relevant levels, namely the top management's own space, the business/core service and the organization as a whole.

The collected knowledge will be analyzed from a DEI perspective, which specifically means:

Diversity: What does diversity look like in your organization and management?

Equity: Where can you immediately identify resistance to diversity in your systems, and where is it possible to create a greater degree of equality. This could be areas such as recruitment processes, procedures for sexual harassment, use of maternity leave, etc.

Inclusion: Where in your systems can you immediately strengthen inclusion. It can be new knowledge and other perspectives in relation to the work of top management and the future development of the organization, it can be further education of managers and/or work to strengthen an inclusive culture in the organization in general.

The answers to the above questions will of course depend on the data that comes in and you will be sent a report that elaborates on the situation.

The report is not an in-depth analysis of your specific options in relation to policy and action plan, but rather an overview from a helicopter perspective that will give you an opportunity to prepare a strategy and set overall concrete goals.

The report will also contain a number of recommendations for further work, both in relation to vision, goals and strategy.

If there are special considerations or issues that you want clarified, just let us know.

All work will, of course, be carried out under professional secrecy.

DEI for change delivers


Oral presentation on the new legislation on gender and management of 1-2 hours duration.

Vision, strategy and goals

Support and advice to develop a clear vision, set ambitious and realistic goals and develop an effective strategy.

Knowledge Base II - Policy and Action Plan

An in-depth knowledge base based on quantitative and qualitative study of the entire organization, for use in the development of policy and action plan with continuous monitoring

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