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Gender and management

Order a legal review and assessment of whether your top management is complying with the legislation's rules on target figures for the underrepresented gender in the top layers of top management.

You can also order a specific legal review and assessment of whether your policy to increase the proportion of the underrepresented gender in the other management levels complies with the law's requirements.

The government has tightened the requirements for private companies and the entire public sector in two bills that were adopted in the spring of 2022 and came into force on 1 January 2023.

It is possible to order a legal check with DEI for change, where you can get coverage:

1. Do you comply with the current regulations on target numbers?

2. Does your policy comply with the requirements of the legislation?

3. What is required for you to comply with the legislation?

4. Do you report correctly in relation to the rules in the area?

You will then receive a report with an analysis of your situation as well as a number of specific recommendations on how you will comply with the new legislation.

It requires that you submit your current target figures and policy as well as any reporting. In addition, it will require a review of your gender-disaggregated data in the management area, your recruitment processes and your management values ​​and training. In addition, an overview of any measures in the area. If you have not yet developed target figures and policy, the analysis will be based on the other data mentioned above.

It is agreed specifically which material is needed depending on your situation.

Contact DEI for change to find out more and get a concrete offer.

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