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New legislation on gender and management

On 1 January 2023, new legislation came into force with the aim of strengthening the proportion of women in top management. The following now applies:

For the larger private companies and the public sector that does not have equal share of women and men on the board and the other levels of management the following will apply:

1. Targets shall be set for the proportion of women on boards of directors.

2. Targets shall be set for the proportion of women on the Executive Board, for managers placed at the level of the Executive Board and for the management team just below the Executive Board and having personnel responsibilities.

3. The Executive Board shall develop a policy to ensure gender balance at the other levels of management.

4. New targets must be set once the latest has been achieved. This applies at all three levels.

Gender equality is defined in the explanatory notes to the Act as a 40/60 percentage distribution, which is in line with international standards.

The reporting itself will be tightened up considerably. The law now requires all companies and public authorities to indicate the total number of board members and the number of managers, as well as the number of women directors and managers.

If there is no equality at one or more of the levels, you must state the target percentage for the expected proportion of women, and indicate a year of achievement.

In addition, it must be stated what concrete actions have been taken to reach the target figure. If the target figure has not been reached, you must state the reason for this.

In addition, you must indicate the main content of the policy and the concrete actions you have taken to put the policy into practice and achieve your target figures.

The share of women in companies and public authorities at the top three levels, their targets and policies will be published on a dedicated website and will thus be publicly available information.

DEI for change offers professional help to both ensure that you comply with legislation and reach new goals.

The full texts of the legislation can be read here:

Private sector:

Public sector:

DEI for change delivers


Oral presentation with 1-2 hours of review of the new legal rules. The presentation can be targeted at your organization and industry, which requires that you submit relevant data to DEI for change beforehand.

It is possible for the presentation to be conducted online.

Law check

A legal review of your current practice with concrete recommendations on what measures it will require in order for you to meet the new requirements of the legislation.


Advice on what opportunities the legislation can bring to your organisation, structure and practice is provided to both the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and HR on an hourly basis.

This may be in relation to setting target figures, preparing policy, reporting, etc.


Courses for top management based on legislation combined with development opportunities for the organization, management and business/core service.

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