DEI for change

DEI for change


Sexual harassment

On 1 July 2023, new legislation comes into force that both tightens and clarifies the rules around sexual harassment.

DEI for change delivers

  • Oral presentation about the new rules

  • Review of your current practice and recommendations to ensure that you comply with the legislation in the future.

  • Advice on setting up an effective structure that ensures a strong framework for handling cases and ensures that everyone knows how cases should be handled.

  • Training of managers to handle and create a healthy culture of mixed employees.

  • Training of employee groups and/or management groups in how to ensure an inclusive and healthy culture.

  • Quantitative investigation of the extent and level of sexual harassment in the organization based on international and effective methods.

  • Advice on how it is possible with the right questions to incorporate ongoing monitoring of sexual harassment into your own ongoing well-being measurements.

For further information please contact

DEI for change


for change

Hindegade 6

1303 KĂžbenhavn K


+45 61 69 59 90

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