DEI for change

DEI for change


Structural changes will most often be both important and necessary when implementing DEI, regardless of whether the whole organization is at stake or whether it is selected areas.

The policy now required by law requires the development of a new modern and inclusive structure that can deliver the required results.

Areas such as recruitment, promotion, pay, parental leave, sexual harassment, communication etc. can be strengthened by introducing clear and transparent processes that exclude discrimination based on individual judgment.

In this way, it is possible to bypass the effect of unconscious bias through new procedures and processes.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware that an unhealthy informal culture often arises in a vacuum where there is no sound basic structure that ensures against discrimination.

Developing a concrete knowledge base will give you a precise overview of where in the organization new structural improvements can be advantageously introduced.

It is basically an interaction between the executive board and HR to create the right structural framework for the organization, managers and employees, and DEI for change can offer both advice, preparation of a knowledge base, development of policy and action plan as well as support for implementation and monitoring.

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