DEI for change

DEI for change

Vision, strategy and goals

The work of integrating DEI is about opening up new opportunities and new perspectives on several levels, and therefore it is important that you start by defining vision and purpose so that you work with a clear overall direction. In short, what do we want to achieve? Of course, this can be adjusted along the way.

Top management can integrate DEI on three levels:

1) Top management's own space. Here you can ensure diversity, responsiveness and inclusive processes around the decision-making table and create a good collaboration that includes new perspectives.

2) The business/core service. Here, DEI can strengthen quality by strengthening both knowledge and awareness of which new perspectives can be advantageously integrated and how to future-proof the core service/business using strategic DEI.

3) The organization. Here, DEI can strengthen the work to promote the best talent, eradicate discrimination and exclusion mechanisms, and ensure that everyone can deliver optimally through the experience of security, influence and recognition.

Top management can thus start the process by gaining greater insight into the overall perspectives and opportunities, how to develop a concrete strategy to achieve them and not least - how to set realistic and ambitious goals.

DEI for change provides professional advice and support for the entire process, and can ensure that top management ends up with a strong vision, clear goals and not least an effective strategy.

The process will take place in a mix of written input and in physical or online meetings, depending on what makes sense and what fits into the top management's program.

DEI for change will collect relevant data to strengthen the process, and recommends that top management choose to prepare a knowledge base that can ensure that the entire process takes place on a knowledge-based basis.

See more under Knowledge Base I - Vision, Strategy and Goals.

DEI for change delivers


Oral presentation on the new legislation on gender and management of 1-2 hours duration.

Course for top management

Sharp online course for top management who, based on their own organization, learn to work strategically with DEI.

Knowledge Base I - Vision, Strategy and Goals

An in-depth knowledge base that will give top management an overview from a helicopter perspective, which will provide the opportunity to prepare a strategy and set overall concrete goals on a knowledge-based basis.

Knowledge Base II - Policy and Action Plan

An in-depth knowledge base based on qualitative and quantitative study of the entire organization with a focus on developing an effective and targeted policy and action plan.

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