DEI for change

DEI for change

What is DEI

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Diversity is about seeing, acknowledging and celebrating diversity.

Equality is to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and working conditions regardless of their differences.

Inclusion is about listening to those you don't usually listen to and taking their perspectives and ideas seriously.

It is important in this context to realize and understand that diversity can involve discrimination – such as sexism and racism – that is not intentional and under no circumstances conducive to DEI.

These exclusionary mechanisms can be eradicated from the organization if one becomes aware and knowledgeable of where they exist and how they work. This requires thorough research by external actors who know what to look for.

DEI for change has many years of experience in investigating and finding exclusion mechanisms and in making recommendations to avoid them in the future. It can be new forms of leadership, structural changes and conscious cultural changes.


for change

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Mandag Morgen

Charlotte Kirkegaard

is a regular columnist in Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen.

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